Dreadnought isn't just a brand name, it's a mantra for a return to old world values. This is a clothing line 'Tailored for endeavour', clothing that discretely marks you as an adventurer of an urban age.

 'The story starts in England with the concept, the work of lifelong cyclist 'Abinger Jack'. Like many of us Jack wasn't bought a brand new first bike, he had a hand-me-down that needed attention before it hit the road, not just to keep it there!  Jack soon discovered the sense of freedom that the bike gave him and teetered the fine line between sucking the marrow from a fine day and the 'Where the hell have you been?' return. As a lad Jack revelled in the stories of  the Edwardian pioneers that traversed the globe in search of adventure. He loved to believe that if he kept pushing on a little further he may just find his own adventure around the next corner.
  Well as the age of innocence passes and child becomes adult the dreams easily fade in a mist of career and family. Lost but not forgotten. Now Jack has time again he has re-kindled his love of the bike and the adventure it promises.'

At Dreadnought we realise that for racing and extreme riding technical clothing is essential but lycra in social situations isn't a great look. We have created clothes that combine utility and elegance with cycling essence. To do this we spent time with our designers to explain cycling history and ethos. We worked on a new cut that reflects the curved hybrid position of someone who regularly crosses the ride/walk divide. We want you to be proud of the heritage of the clothes that you wear.

Dreadnought is a British company. The name is British, the idea for the casual clothes is British, the designs are British and guess what......they are made in Britain!

Take a look inside your clothes, are they made in London?